Union Point Community

Multiple Projects
Weymouth, MA


Union Point Community

IBG Homes


This 1,400-acre mixed-use development, formerly known as Southfield, is located at the former Naval Air Base and contains residential neighborhoods, townhouses, apartments, office campuses, walking and biking paths, as well as other passive and active recreation areas.


Gale’s Projects


  • Union Point Community

    Tacon Drainage Weir

    Discovery and Endeavor Roadway Design: design and permitting of 2,000 linear ft. of roadway and utility infrastructure to support the continual build out of Union Point’s Technology District (Client: LStar Communities, LLC)

  • Site design and permitting of 36 residential townhome units including layout, roadway profiles, drainage and utility design (Client: IBG Homes)
  • Stormwater analysis and design/permitting of a 50×8 ft. concrete weir structure within a perennial stream; permitting included Local Conservation Commission, Army Corps of Engineers, Natural Heritage and DCR Office of Dam Safety (Client: Southfield Redevelopment Authority)
  • Site plan peer review services for Brookfield Village, a 108-unit residential development; services included review of zoning and subdivision compliance, layout, grading, drainage, utilities, profiles and sewer pump stations (Client: Southfield Redevelopment Authority)
  • Design and permitting of a gravel parking lot adjacent to bordering vegetated wetlands, a vernal pool and perennial stream (Client: LStar Communities, LLC)