The Alexan at Arbor Hill

Residential Development – Evaluation, Planning and Design
Weymouth, MA


The Alexan at Arbor Hill


The Project

Gale provided research, evaluation, survey, land planning, and site design for a new 242-unit, multi-family housing development on a 30-acre parcel, featuring townhouse units, two four-story conventional apartment buildings, parking garage, community house, and pool.


Gale’s Services

  • Design and layout of off-street parking for 500 vehicles to be used by the development
  • Geotechnical investigation and hydrological evaluation of stormwater runoff to comply with the D.E.P. stormwater management policy
  • Significant permitting effort involving a definitive sub-division approval, a special permit, a Notice of Intent Filing, and an MEPA ENF filing
  • Wetlands delineation and replication, including detention/retention basin structure to promote groundwater infiltration recharge and provide wildlife habitat