Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Design-Build Roof Replacement, Historic Cupola, Window, Masonry Restoration
Washington, DC

Work was performed on Historic Building 1, including the original building and several attached wings.  The central or original portion, built circa 1909, is a four-story building used primarily for offices and outpatient care.  Several large multi-story wings were added in the 1940s or 1950s, with a central ornate wood cupola with windows.  The roof areas consist of many areas of low slope single-ply and built-up roofing as well as steep-sloped slate and metal roofing.

Gale prepared an in-depth Investigative Roof Assessment Report (IRA), to document and assess existing conditions, research historic records of original materials of construction and provide recommendations for proposed work to be performed over the next 10 years in accordance with all historic requirements outlined by NCPC, CFA, and SHPO.  We also prepared construction documents for roof replacement (approx. 75,000 sf) and cupola/window restoration in accordance with parameters stipulated by the Army Corps of Engineers and historic requirements.  Additionally, Gale evaluated and designed existing drainage systems to provide augmenting and overflow systems without disturbing the building interior or the existing historical elements.

Design challenges and issues include historical assessment of the facility to match original construction; design modifications to the ornate and historic cupola and windows on the original building; upgrading thermal requirements for the facility to meet current requirements; and detailing interfaces between the numerous roof systems (45) and complex roof and wall lines throughout the facility