United States Coast Guard Academy

Building Enclosure Consulting Services
New London, Connecticut

Since 2008, Gale has provided engineering consulting services on a continuing basis at multiple buildings for the United States Coast Guard Academy. Controlled leak testing was performed at buildings with active water infiltration problems to determine penetration sources. Destructive testing and observations of roof and wall components was used to determine “as-built” construction methods and conditions of materials. All project deliverables included observation, analysis and proposed solution reports with cost estimating for identifying and solving the building enclosure related issues. Gale also assisted USCGA with shop drawing review and construction phase consulting on roof replacement/repair projects designed by others. Specific projects include:

  • Smith and Leamy Halls roof replacement design consultation
  • Billard Hall water infiltration, roof, window and wall evaluation
  • Yeaton Hall masonry, structural and water infiltration evaluation
  • Chase Hall Annex A attic condition assessment and insulation retrofit
  • Pine Hall roof and wall evaluation
  • Quarters #4 water infiltration evaluation
  • Construction monitoring and consulting for roof replacement at various buildings
  • Rowland Hall plaza water infiltration and roof evaluations