Tufts University, Haskell Hall

Tufts University Haskell HallRoof and Masonry Repairs and Window Replacement
Somerville, MA

Haskell Hall, constructed in the 1960s, was experiencing exterior building enclosure deterioration (roofs, walls, windows). Tufts engaged the services of Gale to provide consultation services including evaluation, design and construction phase services for removal and replacement, or repair of the exterior envelope. Gale retained the services of an HVAC and Landscaping consultants.

Gale’s Services

  • Evaluated roofs, windows, masonry and skylight systems with recommended options for replacement or repairs
  • Replacement of all window assemblies to increase the thermal performance of wall systems and update/improve the aesthetics of the facility
  • Roof system was determined to be in good condition; repairs were selected to extend the service life
  • Masonry was determined to be in fair condition, requiring the removal of the top four feet to improve the aesthetics of the building and visually tie the facade into the construction styles of adjacent campus buildings
  • Replacement of skylight and all exterior doors with new thermally improved systems and hardware upgrades
  • Interior improvements to HVAC systems
  • MAAB compliant upgrades to lobby bathroom and exterior ramps and sidewalks
  • Renovations were phased over two construction seasons