Science and Engineering Building 50 (UNF)

Building Enclosure Evaluation
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

This facility is a 3-story 120,000 sf facility, with brick veneer over a concrete and masonry structure and a low slope modified bitumen roof system. The facility also incorporated the use of multi-story glazed curtain walls at stairwells and building common areas. The University had previously commissioned studies to determine the causes of moisture intrusion and condensation in the building. Gale provided a more in-depth investigation effort including destructive testing to determine the quality and existence of sufficient backup damp-proofing and waterproofing systems, and thru-wall flashings at brick veneer.

Gale worked closely with the selected construction manager who performed destructive testing at locations identified by Gale. The enclosure evaluation also included an assessment of the roofing system and overall opinion as to the reparability of the roof versus the need for replacement. Gale’s summary report identified the specific issues with regard to the building, including the need to re-roof the existing brick veneer and replace the roof system.

The summary report recommendations were accepted by the University and incorporated into repair documents prepared by Gale. The building enclosure evaluation effort allowed for identification of the major envelope issues and a design approach which identified specific repairs. In addition, the design incorporated proper detailing of specific building enclosure details and proper sealing of all voids allowing air and water infiltration.