Providence College, Slavin Student Center

Roof Design and Replacement
Providence, RI

The Slavin Student Center at Providence College had experienced many years of water infiltration as a result of deteriorated roof coverings, de-bonded, deteriorated, and blocked flashings, low flashing heights, and inadequate roof slope.

The Problem

  • The use of a ballasted EPDM overlay roof indicated previous failure of the original built-up roof system; ponding water was caused by inadequate slope to drain; deteriorated roof overlay membrane seams were observed; moisture was discovered in the existing roof assemblies while performing investigative test cuts
  • Overlay membrane flashings were unsupported at the roof to wall transition and had become de-bonded from the parapet walls; sealant had failed at flashing terminations; overlay membrane flashing was loose, allowing air and moisture into the roof assemblies
  • Masonry control joint sealant had failed and the joints were overly compressed; sealant had been applied at the weep point of the masonry through wall flashings

 Gale’s Services

  • Removed sloped lightweight insulating concrete and installed a new roof system utilizing a two-ply vapor retarder in hot asphalt, adhered tapered insulation system, adhered cover board, and an adhered single-ply Elvaloy KEE roof membrane
  • Consulted with FMG during the design phase to achieve compliance for roof replacement parameters
  • Phased roof replacement project utilizing temporary roof/vapor retarder to reduce construction traffic exposure to completed areas
  • Raised wall base flashings to account for increased roof insulation thickness
  • Replaced skylights and roof access ladders with new components to meet OSHA requirements