Maine Medical Center – Bramhall Campus

Roof Management Plan
Portland, ME

Maine Medical Center


The Project:

The Bramhall Campus at Maine Medical Center (MMC) includes several buildings and over 160 individual roof areas. MMC required assistance in establishing a roof management plan, which required a current condition assessment of existing roof systems and related construction. Based on this assessment, MMC and Gale developed a yearly repair and/or replacement program that is budgeted for the next 10 years.


Gale’s Services:

  • Visually evaluated each roof area to note conditions of roofing and flashing membranes, drainage, immediate rising walls and associated components related to roof system integrity

  • Field measured all roof areas and noted penetration types and locations, drain placement, leader sizes and roof edge condition as needed to develop accurate AutoCAD drawings

  • Prepared “quick reference” spreadsheets that show priority repairs designated by building, roof area, warranty information, roof system type, and date of installation

  • Prepared roof management database, using the BEAM Advantage software, organized by building and roof area for easy reference to existing roof information and future updating for all buildings