Lake Lucerne Towers

Building Enclosure Renovations, Design and Construction Phase Services,
Orlando, FL

Lake Lucerne Towers


The Project

Lake Lucerne Towers is a nine-story apartment complex constructed circa 1960.  The building‘s enclosure is comprised of stucco walls, aluminum-framed windows, and stucco veneer on structural clay tile.  The facility was reportedly experiencing thermal and moisture-related issues with the existing windows, as well as failing stucco and roofing issues.


Gale’s Services

  • Evaluation of roof, exterior walls, windows, and balconies, to identify sources of moisture intrusion
  • Performed destructive testing of the stucco exterior at various locations throughout the building, using rotary hammer to remove stucco down to the concrete or structural clay tile substrates; test cores were sent for laboratory testing
  • Based on Gale’s evaluation, prepared technical specifications, plans and details for the replacement of the modified bitumen roofing (30,750 SF), window replacement, limited exterior stucco repairs, replacement of exterior doors, and waterproofing of the balcony floors
  • Assisted in the Bid Phase by providing Design Documents for bidding and reviewing contractor bids