Harvard University

Building Enclosure Consulting Services
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Gale has been providing building enclosure consulting services to Harvard University for over 20 years. Some of our projects include:

  • Science Building – Roof replacement and masonry repairs
  • Semitic Museum (Historic) – Roof replacement to include slate and copper, skylight replacement and masonry renovations
  • Memorial Church, Harvard Yard (Historic) – Slate roof replacement and associated flashings, gutters, etc., and reconstruction of granite stairs, plazas, and sidewalk areas
  • Harkness Commons, Harvard University Law School (Historic) – Exterior enclosure restoration
  • The Stanstead Building (Historic) – Roof replacement, window replacement, and masonry repairs
  • Various Harvard University Buildings – Exterior building enclosure evaluation at 17 historically significant facilities
  • Widener Library (Historic) – Skylight evaluation and leak testing
  • Shad Hall Fitness Center – Roof replacement (vegetative assembly)
  • Baker Library (Historic) – Exterior wood column repairs
  • Leverett Towers – Window replacement
  • 1 Western Ave – Exterior peer review and commissioning
  • Soldiers Field Park Housing – Exterior enclosure elevations, design and phased renovations over 4 years