Chicopee City Hall

Building Envelope Evaluation and Restoration
Chicopee, MA

Chicopee City Hall


The Project

Chicopee City HallGale recently completed the rehabilitation of Chicopee City Hall. Constructed in 1871, Chicopee City Hall is two-story building with gable roofs and is listed on the National List of Historic Places. There is also four-story addition that was constructed in 1927. The building is in the Italianate style, with a rose window and a 147-foot clock tower modeled on that of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy. The building features large stained-glass windows and stylistic stone corbelling and arches.

Gale’s Services

  • Historic brick masonry restoration with lime putty mortar
  • Historic sandstone masonry restoration including in-kind stone replacement
  • Window replacement incorporating historically accurate aluminum-clad cherry and steel framed windows
  • Natural slate roof restoration and copper gutter/flashing replacement
  • Chicopee City HallLow slope membrane roof replacement including metal coping
  • Standing seam metal wall panel and roof replacement
  • Rose window stone tracery and west wall structural stabilization
  • Structural stabilization of tower gables including replacement of coping stones
  • Structural analysis for auditorium floor framing load capacity and design of necessary augmentation
  • Structural framing for “floating” historic mezzanine railing and glazed interior entrance
  • Structural engineering for auditorium attic ceiling improvements and chandelier mounting brackets
  • Structural engineering for projection screen ceiling supports
  • Structural engineering for through-mezzanine wheelchair lift