Cheshire Correctional Institution

Clay Tile Roof Replacement and Structural Upgrades
Cheshire, CT

The Problem

  • Previously built-in gutters were covered; hung gutters were not installed effectively to manage roof storm drainage
  • Eave edge was previously rebuilt with inferior quality clay tile roofing and has failed resulting in fall hazards
  • Snow slide caused damage to hung gutters
  • Lack of proper tile shingle replacement and maintenance led to deteriorated wood plank decking and structural framing components
  • Current building code renovations required structural beam augmentation for snow drift loads

 Gale’s Design Services

  • Tile shingle roof replacement and reconstruction of original built-in gutter; tile design included underlayment, fasteners and tiles meeting FM Global and Miami Dade requirements
  • New roof storm drainage for deteriorated cast iron leaders and downspouts
  • Valley beam upgrades included implementation of LVL in place of original timber beams and augmenting of existing steel rafter beams
  • Snow retention system including supplemental deck attachment and reinforcing
  • Various repairs and replacement of terra cotta cornice components