Center for Life Science

Curtain Wall Evaluation
Boston, MA

Center for Life Science Boston

Multiple windows at the nine-year-old building have been experiencing corrosion of the low-e coating along the perimeter of the insulated glazing unit. Several windows have failed exhibiting widespread condensation and deterioration of the low-e coating within the manufacturer’s warrantee period and a few exhibited units trapped water within the glazing unit.

Gale’s Services:

  • Working with a window and glazing contractor, coordinated and observed removal and replacement of the failed Insulated Glazing Units (IGU)
  • Provided a report documenting findings and proposed steps including notification to all affected parties
  • Oversaw further investigative work and outside testing to identity source of the water infiltration into the curtain wall system
  • Oversaw laboratory testing of the IGU in order to document deficiencies within the assembly