Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Roof Management Program
Boston, MA

Gale performed evaluations of roofs on 18 buildings and over 110 individual roof areas.  Specific services included:

  • Visually evaluated each roof area to note conditions of roofing and flashing membranes, termination, drains, immediate rising walls and associated components related to roof system integrity
  • Observed destructive testing at each roof area to verify roof system components
  • Field measured all roof areas and noted penetration types and locations, drain placement, leader sizes and roof edge condition as needed to develop accurate AutoCAD drawings
  • Provided written reports, organized by building and roof designation, to document observed conditions and recommend repair/replacement options
  • Prepared “quick reference” spreadsheets that show priority repairs designated by building and roof area; repairs were categorized as immediate, short-term or long-term; preliminary budget estimates were also shown
  • Prepared a comprehensive submission, organized by campus, that included all reports, photographic documentation, summaries, drawings and spreadsheets for easy reference and future updating for all buildings