Bates College, Ladd Library

Plaza Reconstruction / Waterproofing
Lewiston, ME

Bates College Ladd Library


The plaza deck spanning the Ladd and Coram libraries was constructed in 1973.  Gale was commissioned to evaluate the condition of the existing assembly and accessibility, and provide recommendations and construction documents for components, including the pavers, rising brick masonry walls and parapets, adjacent building entry thresholds, and other associated transition details. Failure of waterproofing membrane, membrane flashings and rising brick masonry wall flashings resulted in water infiltration to below-grade interior finishes and trim. As a result of yearly snow removal operations, concrete pavers have created uneven walking surfaces; lack of softscape and aesthetic amenities within the space has not been inviting to plaza inhabitants beyond walkway use.


Gale’s Services

  • Designed new plaza deck assembly to include hot applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane, protection layer, two drainage mats, 2.5” of extruded polystyrene insulation, a sand setting bed with an integrated snow melt system, and concrete paver overburden; snow melt system will alleviate snow removal operations, potential for paver and amenities damage, and will encourage more winter use
  • New throughwall and curtainwall entrance door threshold flashing and counterflashing will be installed at brick masonry walls; obtained variance from the City to lessen insulation heights to adhere to ADA accessibility thresholds
  • New stairs, ramps, and stainless steel railings at parapet openings, designed cast-in-place concrete planters and benches with a wood to increase aesthetics, usability and accessibility