University of Florida, Newell Hall

Building Enclosure Commissioning
Gainesville, FL


University of Florida Newell Hall


The project involved the renovation and re-purposing of historic Newell Hall, the third oldest building on campus at the University of Florida (originally built in 1910). It includes 30,000 sf of renovations, and the demolition of the existing Annex for a new 6,000 sf facility. The commissioned systems include HVAC, building automation system, domestic water heating and distribution systems, lighting controls, electrical power and grounding, building enclosure systems, and special inspections for the firestop penetrations and fire-resistive joint systems.


The scope of the building enclosure renovation included foundation waterproofing, replacement of clay tile and low sloped roofs, rehabilitation of exterior masonry, re-establishment of the original north and south entries, replacement of windows, and building enclosure components to match the new Annex to the existing historical building.


The new building provides students with high-tech, collaborative study spaces and fosters student interaction. From the beginning, students shaped the project; Student Government and External Affairs led a campaign to lobby the State Legislature and successfully secured $10 million for the renovation.


Gale provided the following services during the Design, Construction and Post Occupancy Phases of the project:


  • Reviewed and updated Owner’s Project Requirement (OPR) related to building enclosure components
  • Reviewed Owner’s Basis of Design (BOD)
  • Provided technical review of design documents at Design Development, 100% and Conformance Documents phases
  • Participated in Design Development review meetings
  • Reviewed contractor shop drawings and submittals
  • Performed periodic onsite quality control observations of the installation of the building enclosure components
  • Performed Post Occupancy observation