Brigham and Women’s Building for the Future

Peer Review of Waterproofing and Roof Systems
Boston, MA


Brigham and Women's Building of the Future


Located in the world-renowned Longwood Medical Area, this 620,000 square-foot building features a 13-story research lab and clinical facility, and a 460-car below-grade parking garage. By integrating research and patient care in one location, scientists and clinicians will exchange ideas and work together to bring innovations more quickly to the patients who need them most.

 The Project

  • 360,000 square feet of program space
  • Three clinical floors for integrated outpatient visits
  • Eight floors of laboratory space to foster collaborative and translational science
  • One floor dedicated to advanced imaging capabilities including some of the most powerful and precise technologies in the world
  • Conference space for investigators to meet and share discoveries
  • An infusion suite for patients with a wide range of diseases from multiple sclerosis to rheumatoid arthritis
  • 400 parking spaces
  • Green design, construction, and maintenance solutions to attain LEED gold certification and improve efficiency and sustainability

Gale’s Services

  • Peer review of roof and waterproofing systems
  • Construction period services including site monitoring, peer review of submittals, coordination meetings, and roofing consulting on design and issues that may arise