Nashua Airport: Perimeter Fence

Gale provided airport engineering, environmental permitting, bidding, and construction phase services for Nashua Airport to design and install a perimeter wildlife/security fence


Nashua Airport Perimeter FenceThe Challenge

  • Majority of existing perimeter fencing is beyond repair
  • Potential of humans or wildlife incursions onto the airfield is a safety and security issue
  • Existing gates have inoperable/inadequate vehicular and pedestrian controls
  • Existing perimeter fence lacking aesthetic appearance in publicly visible areas



Nashua Airport Perimeter FenceGale’s Solution

  • Obtain necessary environmental permits from federal, state and local agencies
  • Design approximately 15,000 linear feet of 8-foot-high perimeter and wildlife fencing with 3-strand barbed wire outriggers in select areas not visible to public or where wildlife intrusion is highly probable
  • Design five electric slide gates, one 16-foot slide gate, four 24-foot wide swing gates, three 20-foot wide swing gates, and seven pedestrian gates.
  • Place black or green PVC coated fence in areas where fence is visible to the public
  • Clear vegetation along fence line to decrease the potential for airfield incursions
  • Design security controls (card readers/sirens) at key vehicular and pedestrian gates
  • Coordinate access controls with Fire Department and airfield security
  • Provided construction phase services