Nashua Airport: Runway Reconstruction

Nashua Airport Runway Reconstruction



This runway had been in the planning stages for over ten years when Gale was asked to assist. Gale prepared a feasibility study that demonstrated the runway should be lengthened from 5,500 to 6,000 feet and the new runway should be moved 300 feet to the north to allow the old runway to remain operational while the new was in construction.  Avigation easements where then obtained from 11 properties (church, conservation, residential, commercial) to enable removal of obstructions to surrounding airspace.



Gale prepared several complex construction phasing plans to keep the existing runway open during construction. The runway was extended and moved 300 feet north. New 500’X1,000’ runway safety areas were constructed along with three new taxiway stubs, and a completely new ILS system including MIRLS were designed and constructed. All pavements were marked, lighted, and signed in accordance with FAA standards. Additional work included subsurface infiltration Stormwater management systems, replacement of fencing and gates, and tree clearing. An airport website and other media, with several community meetings kept airport users, neighbors, and legislators up to date on all aspects of the project.



At its completion in 2012, this project was the largest FAA funded General Aviation project in its time at $15M.