Nashua Airport: Pavement Maintenance

Nashua Airport Pavement MaintenanceChallenges:

  • Taxiway ‘G’, ‘Alpha Ramp’, Hangar 1, 9 and 11 Ramps, and  various taxilanes have pavements in poor condition
  • Maintenance plan requires multiple rehabilitation strategies


Gale’s Solution:

  • Obtained local and state environmental permits
  • Rehabilitated approximately 123,820 square feet of airfield pavement, specifically:
    • Remove pavement on existing taxilanes and on select taxiways and aprons
    • Partial depth reconstruction used on select taxiways, taxilanes and aprons
    • Mill, crack repair, and pavement overlay used on select taxiways and aprons
    • Crack repair and pavement overlay on Taxiway ‘G’ and select taxilanes
  • Nashua Airport Pavement MaintenanceFor cost considerations, pavements were reclaimed on-ramps and taxilanes then mixed with base materials and repaved
  • Removed two unnecessary stub taxiways
  • Updated drainage infrastructure in the work area
  • Coordinate with Nashua DPW for underlying city utilities
  • Utilized porous pavement on taxilane to promote positive drainage and reduce cost