Nashua Airport: Environmental Assessment


Nashua Airport Environmental Assessment

Noise Exposure



  • 11 acres of wetland require removal and mitigation
  • Runway must be lengthened by 500 feet
  • Rare Species habitats (plants, turtle, snake) must be relocated
  • Part 150 Noise Study with amended Noise Exposure Map required
  • Easements for obstruction removal over residential, commercial, and institutional properties must be acquired
  • Over 100 acres of obstructing trees must be removed


Gale’s Solutions

  • Negotiated wetland mitigation with NHDES and obtained US Army Corps of Engineers 401 Wetland Permit
  • Justified runway extension and relocation 300 feet north of existing location
  • Maintained aircraft operations on existing runway during construction of new runway, relocated ILS system
  • Design mitigation areas for relocation of rare species
  • Prepared Part 150 Noise Study and new Exposure Map
  • Provided closeout documentation including maintenance manuals, product warranties, project progress photos and additional project documentation