Chatham Municipal Airport: Snow Removal Equipment Building

Chatham Municipal Airport: Snow Removal Equipment BuildingThe Project

This two-bay, 50’x60’ SRE building was constructed in 2015 to house multiple pieces of snow removal and airport maintenance equipment.  The building is a prefabricated steel structure with drive through, electrically operated doors for ease of equipment access and egress. The building is heated with propane gas, includes office and storage space with bath and shower, and is equipped with roof light wells to lower electric utility usage.


Chatham Municipal Airport: Snow Removal Equipment BuildingGale’s Services

  • Provided building siting, architectural and engineering design including construction specifications
  • Assisted Airport Commission and Town of Chatham with bid award  and construction management
  • Provided part-time resident engineering and construction observation including measuring and recording payment items, testing, and payment reimbursements
  • Provided grant administration throughout project
  • Provided closeout documentation including maintenance manuals, product warranties, project progress photos and other project documentation