Biddeford Municipal Airport: Terminal Area Fence and Gates

Terminal Fence and GateChallenges:

Lack of defined Airport entrance caused inadvertent access to aircraft operating areas

City required interconnection to existing municipal access control and security system

Uneven topography and ledge in fence-line

Gale’s Solution:

Terminal Fence and GateWorked with stakeholders to identify the best access types and layout for airport users and airport visitors

Coordinated with the City’s on-call security contractor to establish the compatibility of proposed access control and communication system

Designed 1,400 linear feet of 8-foot high, black PVC-coated chain link fence and two (2) 24-foot motorized cantilever slide gates in the terminal area

Motorized slide gates included digital proximity access control, security cameras, and two-way intercom to the terminal building

Designed one (1) Tymetal® pedestrian swing gate with push-button access control

Provided construction phase services