Biddeford Municipal Airport: Environmental Assessment and Permitting

Environmental Assessment PermittingChallenges:

Approach surfaces obstructed by vegetation and buildings

Regain nighttime instrument approaches

Residential properties and wetlands  impacted by obstruction removal

Northern Long Eared Bat habitat suspected

Wetland Impacts

Environmental Assessment PermittingGale’s Solution: 

Prepare Environmental Assessment in accordance with FAA Orders 5050.4B and 1050.1E to:

  • Provide environmental clearance to allow airport to seek federal funds to clear obstructions
  • Authorize application for environmental permits to clear vegetative obstructions in wetlands
  • Investigate for Long Eared Bat habitat
  • Clear vegetation in frozen ground conditions as mitigation for wetlands and bat habitat

Environmental Assessment and Permitting“Finding of No Significant Impact” issued by FAA

Coordinate with FAA Flight Procedures Office to regain nighttime approaches