South Shore Vocational Technical High School

Roof and Window Replacement
Hanover, Massachusetts

Problems included extensive moisture infiltration from various roof leaks at the School, lack of roof slope caused ponding of water, and thermally inefficient window systems dating to the original 1961 construction created an uncomfortable environment for students and contributed to increased energy costs.

Gale addressed these issues in the following ways:

  • Performed evaluation of existing 85,000 s.f. roof system, including exploratory test cuts, which uncovered two roof systems in place, the original GSBUR overlaid by an EPDM system; Gale also conducted an interior leak audit to correlate leaks with noted defects
  • Designed a new thermoplastic (PVC) roof system with tapered insulation to improve slope to drain and thermal efficiency
  • Designed structural augmentation to existing roof structure to accommodate required code upgrades, as well as original deficiencies
  • Designed new thermally-broken aluminum window systems for replacement of the existing windows; new Kalwall insulated translucent curtainwall systems were designed for the Gymnasium

This project was approved and funded through the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA.)