Mattahunt Elementary School & Community Center

Exterior Building Enclosure Replacement
Mattapan, Massachusetts

Originally built in the 1960s, the Mattahunt’s exterior, an insulated metal panel system, was failing. The Boston Public Facilities Department hired Gale to design repairs to the building’s exterior.

The school had been experiencing problems for over a decade. The metal panels were rusting, paint was peeling, and the insulation was corroding inside the panels due to moisture infiltration. The metal panels were visible on the inside of the classroom in multiple locations, giving a sterile, industrial atmosphere to the classrooms. The existing windows were steel pivot windows that over time started to sag, leaving large visible gaps and allowing air infiltration.

Together with Utile, Inc., an architecture and planning firm, Gale redesigned the building’s exterior for weatherization and aesthetic purposes. The new design was intended to add some color and to enliven the learning environment. Gale ensured that the project was phased through the school year to minimize disruption. Temporary classrooms were provided so that each classroom could evacuate for two weeks while the contractor built a new temporary wall, including windows, while they removed the exterior wall. They then installed new metal stud framing, exterior sheathing, air and vapor barrier membranes, continuous insulation, and a new metal panel system. The old windows were removed and a new curtain wall was installed to encompass the varying window locations. The project was completed on time and on budget with minimal change orders.