Innovation Academy Charter School

Masonry and Monumental Stair Replacement
Tyngsboro, MA

Innovation Academy Charter School


The Project:

Built circa 1924, the English Revival Style building is constructed of wood framing with solid load baring masonry walls, cast stone accents and wood double-hung window frames. The Monumental stairs are original to the building and constructed of granite block walls and stair treads with cast stone railings and landings. Deterioration of cast-stone accents, masonry walls and granite created safety concerns, and caused the closing of the monumental stairs.

Gale’s Services:

  • Review of previous Historic Structure Reports (HSRs) and repair histories of the building including available architect and structural drawings

  • Exterior envelope evaluation of the masonry walls and monumental stairs

  • In-depth analysis of the existing conditions, identifying sources of moisture infiltration and outlining the repair alternatives; recommendations based on a preservation approach; railings and cast stone accents will be restored to their original profiles

  • Observations and recommendations were summarized in an evaluation report, including photo documentation and cost estimate

  • IACS elected to proceed with masonry repairs, cast stone restoration and replacement of monumental stair handrails to be historically replicated