Bakersville Elementary School

Masonry Restoration and Window Replacement
Manchester, NH

The historic building (circa 1917) was experiencing leaks and deterioration of interior finishes due to moisture infiltration. Energy inefficient, aluminum window units installed over 30 years ago were contributing to moisture and air leaks in classrooms and common areas.  Many window openings were concealed from the interior to reduce the solar heat gain inside the building, leading to minimal natural light in classrooms.  Gale provided the following solutions:

  • Repointed mortar joints at exterior facade and repaired damaged stone and brick units
  • Installed new throughwall flashings to properly drain absorbed moisture
  • Rebuilt parapet to improve structural integrity and mitigate leaks at the top floor
  • Installed new thermally broken aluminum window assemblies with tinted glass to reduce interior solar gain; new window site lines, scroll panning and intricate muntin designs replicated the configuration of the original windows of the historic building

This project was honored by the Manchester Historical Association with the “Renovation of a Historic Public Building Award” at the 22nd Annual Historic Preservation Awards.