Tony B. RobinsonTony B. Robinson, RRC, BECxP, LEED® AP

Associate │ Florida Manager │Building Enclosure Design and Consulting


Why did you choose this career?  I’ve always had an interest in architecture, engineering and construction.  Working in this profession allows me to interact with the three disciplines in unique ways.

What is your favorite part of your job?  My favorite part of my job has changed over the course of my career; but, one thing that has been constant is I enjoy working with the staff at Gale and being able to watch and assist younger staff as they grow as professionals.

Who are you outside of Gale? I have numerous hobbies outside of Gale: audio/video production, music performance and production, community involvement, and most importantly being a husband to my wonderful wife and a father to my four beautiful daughters.

Fun Facts:  I’ve been involved in three TV shows: Extreme Makeover-Home Addition, House Hunters and in elementary school I was co-featured in a locally produced children’s show.  I also produced a song for NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, which was played on the radio the day of the first shuttle flight after the Challenger accident.  I was interviewed on the radio about the song that same day.