Bree D. Sullivan, P.E.

Civil Engineering


Bree SullivanWhy did you choose this career? I have always loved creating, building and fixing in so many different ways, so engineering was a natural fit for me. I originally began my career in water resources engineering with a small company. It was there that I had the opportunity to fill many roles, which has resulted in a wide variety of experience.  Most of the experience has been very rewarding. The projects I work on have varied over the span of my career and continue to be a source of great accomplishment for me; most days I can truly say that I am doing what I love.

What is your favorite part of your job? The variety of unique solutions I have had to develop for projects is always a source of satisfaction for me. I also love working with different people throughout the project process.

Who are you outside of Gale? When not at work, I love creating, building and fixing, and enjoy fine woodworking, car and motorcycle repair and restoration, and home design and construction. My projects have ranged from wooden pen turning to designing and constructing a mudroom addition from the footing to the finished cabinetry. There is rarely a task in life that I ask or pay others to do. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and spending time with my adult daughter and my wife.  We love to vacation every year in Ogunquit and Provincetown with several close friends.

Fun Fact: Who would play you in a movie? Keeping in the spirit of hardly ever outsourcing tasks in my life, I would play myself, which has the added benefit that I would do my own stunts!