Alan C. PinciaroAlan C. Pinciaro, Assoc. AIA

Building Enclosure Design and Consulting


Why did you choose this career? I like trying to understand how/why things are built the way they are. The building enclosure design and consulting industry provided me with that detail-oriented mindset and opportunity to think about each detail and how they come together to form an overall product.

What is your favorite part of your job? Continuous problem solving and critical thinking activities. Every day, often multiple times in a day, there is a new problem that arises that requires critical thinking to identify how a detail needs to be flashed, or how to mitigate the infiltration of moisture based on the existing conditions.  Often, there is not one simple answer but working with a team to identify the best solution for the condition is fun.

Who are you outside of Gale? I enjoy hiking, spending time with friends/family and relaxing.  I just purchased a new house, so most of my free time has been allocated to home improvement activities.

Fun Fact: What is your favorite band? Incubus.